Anchor In Naubinway Farewell 2018

 A good change is coming to Naubinway. As of January, 2018, the Anchor In Naubinway (AIN) is under new ownership! As the former owners of AIN over the last few years, we have had more interested parties than expected for the next version of our pride and joy. Ultimately, we are pleased that longtime residents of the Naubinway/Engadine communities have chosen to take on this new journey. We believe their ideas and access to local resources may result in a different and even better experience. We can’t wait to see what new ownership brings.

We set out on this experience in the mid 2000’s after purchasing the “Hitching Post.” On June 27, 2008, we were open for business with a log-cabin setting as a place to gather, with what was then minimally available internet, coffee, deli, and gifts. Our goal, as we said on opening day, was a 10-year adventure. Unbelievably, those 10 years have passed! Not only have we met our goals, in most cases AIN has exceeded our expectations. 

It has been a joy to serve all our guests over the years. We saw regulars and had daily visits from locals, seasonal residents, U.S. travelers, and even international visitors. We have enjoyed stops by celebrities, New York book signers, and many new friends.

Most of all we want to say Thank You! Obviously, to our guests, without whom we wouldn’t have succeeded; but also, to everyone who supported us from bankers, builders, vendors, product suppliers, and local fellow business owners who helped us out when we ran short of food or change for the cash register. We also couldn’t have enjoyed serving you without the help of local, talented, and hard-working past and present employees.

This chapter of our lives is closing as we simplify and prepare for a yet-to-be determined retirement, during which much of our time is expected to be spent in Naubinway and the UP. It has been a great ride and we will be forever grateful for everyone who came along and enjoyed it with us!

The Brouwer Family

Attention Gift Certificate Holders!

Do you have a gift certificate from Anchor In Naubinway with a balance or a smoothie card? You will be able to redeem it at the new restaurant at our old location!

All valid Anchor In Naubinway gift certificates and smoothie cards will be accepted through September 30th, 2018. The new restaurant will accept our signed gift certificates on Anchor In Naubinway letterhead. Smoothie cards have a value of $4.75. They can be redeemed for any food or drink in the restaurant.

Contact Leah Brouwer by email or on our Facebook page with any questions.